Bonding with your Infant Through Massage

From the moment your unborn baby first responded to sound at around seven months gestation, your infant has been listening to your voice. Its body moves in rhythm with your speech patterns, and the high-pitched tone you use when talking to it is particularly sweet to its ears. Daily massage can be a tremendous benefit in maintaining and strengthening affectionate bonds between infant and parent. Working parents with infants in day care, as well as stay at home parents can benefit greatly from one on one interaction with the child.  Taking that fifteen minutes to a half hour can help the working adult reconnect with home life, leaving the work day or other household issues behind for a short while.  When massage time is conducted properly, infants feel supported and secure. Perhaps a care giver’s greatest gift to their child can be a climate of stress control, along with a stronger immune system, accelerated development of coordination, and many more benefits. We all want to build a healthy foundation for children and their years ahead.  After all, their future is in the care giver’s hands.

Deborah now conducts 2 session instruction classes, especially formatted for parents and primary caregivers, in which she provides detailed instruction to raise the care giver’s awareness of not only the infant’s states of consciousness but also behavioral communication.  Adding infant massage to the daily routine improves infant/care giver interaction, and has significant physiological as well as emotional benefits. Infant massage can be the key to creating a nurturing climate for an infant/caregiver relationship.  Touch, beginning from day one, is a vital component to the unfolding of human potential.