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Massage Therapy Sessions 

Relaxation Massage
Traditional Swedish techniques.
$75 for 50 minutes / $105 for 80 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage
Massage of deeper layers of muscle tissue to include Trigger Point Therapy if applicable.
$75 for 50 minutes / $105 for 80 minutes

Sports Massage Therapy
For the athlete and for anyone who needs to maintain a more physical lifestyle. Faster, more rigorous techniques to include stretches.
$75 for 50 minutes / $105 for 80 minutes

Prenatal Massage
Mother must have completed her first trimester. Promotes overall wellness for mother and baby.
$75 for 50 minutes / $105 for 80 minutes

Foot Reflexology
The perfect complement to your massage. Slow, soothing foot-to-knee strokes and finger pressure applied to reflex points on the feet that correspond to specific areas of the body to stimulate healing. May decrease stress and anxiety in the entire body. Very relaxing.
$65 for 30 minutes

For the busy, on the go person who needs massage for specific problem areas.
$50 for 30 minutes

Couples Massage
Two therapists in one coupling environment.
$160 for 50 minutes/$220 for 80 minutes

Hot Lava Stone Massage
Smooth, round, deeply penetrating warm stones that will melt away your stress.
$110 for 50 minutes/$140 for 80 minutes

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A very light, gliding massage that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph nodes, Very effective in relieving edema and lymphedema.
$50 for 30 minutes/$90 for 50 minutes

East-West Blended Therapies

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (Barefoot Massage)
Very corrective, luxurious deep tissue massage for pain in the shoulders, back, and lower body. Performed with the therapist’s feet while the client is in the prone position. Specially attached ceiling bars guide the therapist in applying long, compressive, soothing stokes to the body. Recommended therapy for athletes and for those who require deeper bodywork.
$85 for 50 minutes

Ancient Japanese and Chinese healing energy technique used to balance the client and allow them to heal thru the energy Healing Force around us. The practitioner uses their hands so that the energy flows into the body of the client creating quiet and peace within the body. It may also create relaxation and help to reduce pain.
50 min. Session $70  / 80 min. Session $100 

Thai On The Table
Fully clothed while receiving assisted Yoga and stretching positions for a uniquely relaxing experience. No oils or lotions required. Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
$90 for 50 minutes/$120 for 80 minutes

Escape Spa Packages

Head To Toe
Relaxing Swedish massage with Foot Reflexology. A restorative escape for the body, mind, and spirit.
$150 for 80 minutes

Healing Rhythm
Esalen inspired relaxing massage with Aromatherapy. Slow, long, flowing strokes with special attention to face, scalp, neck and feet. Leaves you feeling slow, long, and flowing.
$120 for 80 minutes

Repechage Seaweed Facial, relaxing Swedish massage, with hand and foot sugar scrub. Leaves you glowing and relaxed.
$190 for 2 ½ hours

Therapeutic Enhancements to Massage Therapy 

Select your desired Essential Oil Aroma for a complete mind/body healing experience. $15 extra.

Cupping Therapy
Gentle application of suction cups to chronic, painful or overused problem areas of the body to aid in the reduction of inflammation and the release of toxins from the body.
$30 per session

Electromagnetic Heat Lamp & Herbs
Opens blocked meridians to soften tissue for release of toxins. A prewarmed proprietary blend of 14 Chinese herbs is applied to a specific problem area while you relax beneath the healing heat lamp.
$65 for a 50 minute session

ETPS Therapy (TENS Unit)
Performed with massage. Electrotherapy is applied to acupressure or motor points to open blocked meridians to ease or decrease chronic pain.
$20 per session

Hand and Foot Sugar Scrub
The perfect complement to your massage.  Very relaxing.
$45 for 30 minutes

Hot Lava Stone Enhancement
Performed with massage. Hot Lava Stones are placed on problem areas of the body or meridian lines to facilitate healing and help relieve pain. This is a gentle approach to deep effective healing.
$30 per session

Sound Fork Therapy
Performed with massageTuning forks are applied to problem areas of the body or meridian lines to facilitate healing and help relieve pain. This is a gentle approach to deep effective healing.
$30 per session


Classic European 
The aesthetician cleanses and exfoliates the skin and follows with a steam treatment and gentle facial massage.  A mask recommended for your skin type is applied followed by a moisturizer to leave you glowing, relaxed, and feeling like a new you.
$65 per 50 min. service

Repechage Seaweed
Repechage follows the protocol of the Classic European facial but offers a Seaweed infused mask. Seaweed is known for its ability to release impurities from the skin while providing superior hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits. Perfect for those who are exposed to the harsh outside elements and those who do not receive regularly scheduled facials.
$80 per 50 min. service

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