Foot Reflexology: Magical, Soothing and Healing

Foot reflexology reference pointsWhat is Reflexology? Contrary to occasional misinterpretations I have read on the internet stating that Reflexology is not massage, it can be an extremely effective form of therapeutic foot massage, according to Inge Dougans, author of ‘Reflexology, Foot Massage for Total Health’.
This ancient holistic healing technique treats the person as a whole with the goal being to induce a state of balance and harmony in the body which, in a word, is called homeostasis. The word homeostasis was one of the first important words I frequently heard during my training in massage therapy school. Many years have passed since then and the word is as important as ever. Continue reading “Foot Reflexology: Magical, Soothing and Healing”

Foot Reflexology

Foot Chart - Foot reflexology from Amelia Massage AssociatesFoot Reflexology uses pressure to the reflex points on the head, face, hands and feet to stimulate the body’s own healing process. It is based on the principle that there are numerous energy pathways that travel to every organ of the body with ending in many locations just below the skin’s surface.

Foot reflexology from Amelia Massage Associates
Wonderful Relief

Reflex Points of the hands and feet are the primary locations where the therapist applies pressure to improve energy flow and alleviate pain elsewhere on the pathway. The picture indicates many corresponding locations with organ function. People that spend much time on their feet can greatly benefit from this.

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