Kathi Neidig

Kathi Neidig – License Nr. MM 39763

Hailing from a small college town in the middle of cow country, Pennsylvania, Kathi Neidig was always encouraged to be unique.

In her own words: “To promote that uniqueness from birth, my parents named me Mary Kathleen, but always called me Kathi. Spelled with an “i”, just to be different.””

I was raised in a loving home where openness and integrity were common. We went to church on Sunday and my father meditated daily. My mother was organized and involved in the community. Together they helped many people. They raised my sister and me to be kind and giving people; never one to judge, always lending a hand.

I should have known in college that I was meant to be a Massage Therapist. I was a Theater major; set design was my ambition. It was a wonderful learning experience. If there are unique people to be found, it’s in the world of the theatrical arts. I loved working with my hands and constructing imaginary worlds. But I also had a thing for helping my friends feel good with massage. Shoulder massages at the time, but with a notion that it could be a side source of income someday.

I interned with a local theater company. Very grueling work and the insane hours in that world landed me in the hospital from exhaustion.

I needed a new ambition. I took time and did a lot of praying and prioritizing. I enjoyed working with my hands. I wanted to help people feel better. And I wanted a spiritual component to my job, so I could stay connected to the source on the daily. Massage therapy seemed the perfect fit.

The last 17 years have flown by! I cannot fathom a better career or a more rewarding one. I get to be creative, but the masterpiece is inside each person who integrates massage therapy into their maintenance routine to live a more fulfilling life. I get to facilitate happier, healthier, more comfortable people in my community. What a blessing!

I worked my tail off in my town. I was blessed with all the clients I could handle and then some. Life was perfect… for a bonsai tree. Unfortunately, I am not a bonsai tree, and growing into a massage therapy practice proved to be a huge obstacle year after year. There were very few suitable locations and even fewer new therapists to help it grow. So instead, I invested in my relationships. I visited my family and friends as much as possible. And that is how I came to and fell in love with Amelia Island. 


This beautiful community has everything I ever hoped for in a hometown – and a beach to boot! My mermaid soul is inspired here; so, when I became acquainted with Nancy and Michael, of Amelia Massage, I was moved to take a huge leap of faith. I went home from vacation, sold my home and everything I owned (except my dog), and came to Fernandina Beach to receive the torch that Michael and Nancy had so lovingly forged over the past 25 years.  I am excited to make this island my home and to contribute in every way possible to the people who live, work and play on Amelia Island.

Relaxation is Kathi Neidig’s specialty. No matter how you like your pressure: gentle, firm or deep feet; therapy is found in total comfort and tranquility.

I have continued my education in many different areas over the years. Thai techniques, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Trigger Point therapy, Sciatic treatment, to name a few, and most recently, Deep Feet Ashiatsu.

In the years to come, Kathi Neidig hopes to integrate herself into the Amelia Island, Florida community with a commitment to service and quality. At Amelia Massage & Bodywork Associates, LLC, you will receive the utmost care and support for your body, mind and spirit. We look forward to serving you.