Michael Shores

Michael Shores

 I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and I am blessed to have been the (neglected) child born between an older sister and a younger brother in a “Leave It To Beaver” kind of household. And being the middle child, of course I never got to watch my favorite TV shows. But mother’s “designer homemade cakes” helped dispel my theory of neglect, along with daddy’s love of collecting unusual or antique “stuff” that he and I enjoyed together in the basement on a routine basis. Our man-cave time together still brings pleasant memories of a man taken from us much too soon, at just 50 years of age.

I consider myself a true southerner. Just ask me what part of Atlanta I’m from; I mean the real Atlanta. I was born between Peachtree and West Peachtree Streets, at Crawford W. Long Hospital, just 3 blocks away from where the now famous Varsity hotdog stand began. When I visit my birthplace once or twice a year, I make a point to drop in at the original downtown Varsity for a hotdog and an orange frosty. The sound of the order-takers continually asking, “What’ll ya’ have? What’ll ya’ have? invites special memories of good times with family and friends.

Education and Career

After high school in Atlanta and then college at Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute in Daytona Beach, Florida, I became an A&P Rotorcraft Mechanic and later, a helicopter pilot for the Jacksonville – Florida Mosquito Control. I enjoyed working in a job that resulted in something different every day, and I learned to have fun with nature while flying at the unusually low altitudes required for aerial spraying of large populations of mosquitoes. When I thought I might go undetected, I’d fly with the birds (chase them). My wife, Nancy, still has a problem with that. And flying under tall bridges was fun, too, except someone was watching that time. Ok, I didn’t do it again.

My next adventure on the career train was an Assistant Director’s position in Gainesville, Florida. We had a great time building a mosquito control program there, and Nancy loved the college town environment. Lakes and fresh water springs were abundant within a 50 mile radius, so weekends were spent snorkeling or water skiing.

In 1975 we moved to Amelia Island, where I would enjoy 18 years as the Director of the Amelia Island Mosquito Control District, along with raising three amazing sons. Our little town, Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island truly was a great place for family life.

Massage and Holistic Medicine

But after retirement from my blue collar duties, boredom set in and eventually dictated something very different for me on the horizon. Nancy had mentioned to me several times through the years that my foot massages were very relaxing and she thought my hands seemed to sense where tension accumulated and what her feet needed (kneaded).
So, off to massage therapy school I went. After graduating from The Atlantic Academy of Massage Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida, I began to enjoy my new career as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in both Florida and Georgia and national certification as well. I’ve enjoyed working for the Ritz-Carlton, The Amelia Island Plantation (Omni), local Bed and Breakfast Inns, and personal residences.

My interests beyond traditional Swedish massage include: Ashiatsu, Rossiter Technique, Primal Release, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Electro-Therapy Point Stimulation (ETPS), and many east-meets-west therapies. I hope to continually learn and travel to China or Thailand to study more about ancient theories and techniques, and someday open a comprehensive holistic medicine day spa.

The birth of Amelia Massage Associates, Inc. in 1994 was a dream-come-true vision for me and Nancy and we both appreciate the opportunity to serve our community and visitors from all over the world.