Amelia Massage Associates Contributes to Buggies on the Beach V

Ever since our son Michael Jr. started the Buggy on the Beach Memorial Day tradition more than five years ago, Michael and I have been putting our hearts and hands to work in a different modality at the Buggies on the Beach event.

As we thankfully remember those who gave all in service to our country, we’ll help host and donate our time to this fun-filled family event for the 5th consecutive year and have seen it grow into an attraction to be proud of Various raffles and activities were designed to benefit The Nassau Humane Society, which received $2,854 this year from the raffle “More smiles per mile” in a Vintage VW.

VW, the abbreviation for Volkswagen, has an interesting but somewhat dark history dating back to 1930s Germany, when a large number of products were created for the PEOPLE. Famous designer Ferdinand Porsche stood at the crib of the small car with his ‘Volksauto’, as it started it run to the top of the world. It’s most popular model, the ‘Beetle’ or Bug sold well in the US, because it was a well-built car at a reasonable price. And people saw it as having some style while poking fun at the larger cars that dominated U.S. roads. They were so adaptable, you could turn them into a dune buggy, you could hop it up, you could paint it wildly. It became the car of the hippie movement and of the counterculture and now it’s called a Vintage VW, attracting many enthusiasts around the country in the playful revival.

At Amelia Massage Associates we love to give our time to this fun and rapidly growing beach movement and are already looking forward to Buggies on the Beach VI.  Maybe we can “snatch” another Show Award.

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