Are You Balanced?

Cades Cove

Are you balanced ? No, not the kind of balance as if walking on a tightrope or the kind of balance as in “I must have lost my mind,” although it may feel that way getting through our everyday lives as stress free as possible. The questions we should frequently ask ourselves are: Am I balanced as in remembering to bring my life into proportion? Do I stop long enough to find a harmonious equilibrium for my body and mind? You know, that deep-seeded feeling you get while sitting on the back row at a lecture or worship service, thinking to yourself, “is he/she talking to me?” Yup.

The truth is that most of us can not truthfully answer yes to the first 2 questions, but when we are reminded and the light switch clicks, our insight can be a powerful force for change.

As a hard-working massage therapist who LOVES to work, I make myself stop to BALANCE 2-3 times a year. While clients may say, “what, you are leaving again?!?”, I have discovered the art of balancing. And clients enjoy knowing that it helps me provide them a better quality session and also helps to maintain the positive energy (chi) that is mandatory for bodyworkers who desire to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Of course there are many ways (massage, meditation, yoga, retreats, etc.) that can be applied to maintain balance for ourselves, but most recently I enjoyed finding my balance through a “no structure get-away” to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. What a change of surroundings – and with southern accents thicker than mine! Beautiful, cool and refreshing. A kaleidoscopic panoramic holiday!

So let it not be said by anyone that I am not “balanced…” and yes, I am booked solid, non-stop since I returned to work.” Oh well…Are you balanced?