Ashiatsu Massage from Amelia Massage Associates

Ashiatsu is unlike any deep tissue massage you have ever experienced! The root word ‘ashi’ means ‘foot’ and ‘atsu’ means ‘pressure’ so together they symbolize ‘foot pressure’ in a technique that delivers a consistent, deep, luxurious massage. Correct application provides deep relaxation and stimulates the lymphatic system of the body. Bars are used overhead for support and balance.

is the most luxurious deep tissue massage on the planet, according to our internationally renowned instructor, Ruthie Piper Hardee. This ancient form of bodywork, sometimes referred to as “barefoot shiatsu”, is not performed on floor mats through clothing. A special hydraulic massage table is lowered to within a few inches from the floor with the client positioned face down. Custom designed overhead bars give your therapist the needed leverage to perform just the right amount of pressure for your body. Slow gliding foot pressure (yes, we have soft feet!) is used to provide a highly effective, non-surgical treatment for chronic low back and neck pain. Ashiatsu is also an excellent choice for those who simply enjoy deep tissue bodywork and seek an awesome massage experience. This is a truly amazing technique! Click here to read what one client had to say.

Key Benefits

• gravitational force creates a structural change in soft tissue damage
• lower back pain sufferers report significant pain reduction in three visits
• improves posture and movement while relieving pain

Who Can Improve

• anyone suffering from low back and leg and hip pain that is muscular in nature
• athletes: runners, bike riders, horseback riders.

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