Your Skin Loves Periodic Facials

Lighten-your-Skin-Tone-with-these-Amazing-Tips-1The skin of our face is the most exposed organ in our body and that is exactly why your skin loves periodic facials. We tend to take our skin for granted, of less importance than our other organs, but this should not be the case. Skin is the largest organ of our body! Skin and its associated structures such as the hair, nails, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands, is called the ‘Integumentary organ.’ Sounds important, doesn’t it? Well, it is, yet most of us are lacking in giving it the health maintenance attention it deserves.

Skin, the principal foundation of the sense of touch, is regarded as the covering component for the protection of deeper tissues. It is a complex, layered system which includes both excretory and absorbing functions and plays a very important role in the regulation of body temperature.

The function of the skin, just barely “touched on” here, (yep, I love puns!) is impressive to me and I don’t know about you, but I surely wouldn’t wanna be caught naked without a well maintained Integumentary organ.

Seriously, we all know about the harmful effects on our skin from prolonged sun exposure, environmental pollutants, aging, illness and stress. But if your skin damage occurred long before you had a good understanding of the long-term effects, you can take charge now, today. Your commitment to receiving a professional Facial on a monthly or quarterly basis is a great way to start.

What’s not to love about taking one pain-free, relaxing hour for yourself to maintain the skin most exposed to the elements 365 days a year? Do something positive and healthy- call us today for an appointment for your periodic facial. Yes, this means you, too, MEN!

Nancy Shores, MT, LMT, Facial Specialist

European Facial

Classic European Facial Massage from Amelia Massage AssociatesGood candidates for the European Facial are those who need minimal to average treatment and/or on-going maintenance of their skin. Our treatment unclogs pores, removes toxins, hydrates and leaves your skin renewed, rejuvenated and looking more youthful. Our aestheticians will cleanse, exfoliate, perform a steam treatment followed by a facial massage, apply a mask pertinent to your skin type and a finishing moisturizing treatment.
We recommend treatment every 3 months, especially if there is increased exposure to harsh environmental elements. Those experiencing severe acne should retain the services of a dermatologist.

The Classic European is an excellent facial for all skin types: dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. No harsh chemicals are used and all of our facials include massage of the hands and feet to encourage relaxation of the body and mind.

Allow 45-60 minutes for your facial. Your skin will reflect a newly refreshed glow and you will feel and look rejuvenated and relaxed.

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Repêchage Seaweed Facial

Repêchage Seaweed Facial from Amelia Massage AssociatesThe Repêchage Seaweed Facial is your ticket to clean and healthy skin. It includes a soothing facial massage, followed by an application of C-Serum and a cooling fresh seaweed mask. The 4 Layer Repêchage experience is the ultimate choice for dramatic results.

Interestingly enough the word Repêchage comes from the French language and is mostly used for sporting events as in “second chance”, even though literally it incorporates the word pêcher, as in fishing (rescueing?) a fish out of the water. In skincare it means RECOVERY through a 4 layer process.

The Four Layer Facial first arrived on the skincare scene around 1980 and was named the Facial of the Century by Cosmopolitan UK, as this ground-breaking facial incorporated layer upon layer of seaweed and minerals from both the earth and the sea. C-Serum – the Original Seaweed Serum,short for cytoserum, is a special seaweed Laminaria Digitata filtrate, the first layer of the Four Layer Facial. Second, third and fourth layers involve Hydrating Cream, Seaweed Mask and Mineral Mask – Four Layers – this is an awesome experience! Suitable for all skin types, our seaweed based products are designed to re-hydrate, re-mineralize and re-balance your skin.

The seaweed plant has no roots so it feeds through osmosis, absorbing minerals and vitamins from the seawater. Because of its feeding process, seaweed becomes a dense concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, macro elements, phytohormones and amino acids. Two species of seaweed, Laminaria digitata and Ascophyllum Nodosum, both complete sources of nutrients, contain 42 trace elements and minerals, 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins, phyto hormones, and natural anti-oxidant material such as phlorotannins, sulfated polysaccharides, fucosterol and fucoxanthins.

The Repêchage Seaweed Facial treatments help to improve both skin tone and texture, assuring a long-lasting afterglow with new softness and smoothness, and skin that is left clean, refreshed, vibrant, and healthy.

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