Heat, Herbal and Tissue Treatments are Very Effective Against Pain

TDP mineral lamp Massage therapy at Amelia Massage AssociatesTreatment with E-Stim, the TDP Electromagnetic Heat Lamp (“The Miracle Lamp”) and Herbal treatment, have been shown very effective in Pain Treatments in Massage Therapy, alleviating pain caused by a wide variety of ailments such as chronically overworked or strained muscles, but also helps to re-balance and open blocked energy lines within the body.

This healing protocol, invented and used by Chinese practitioners, has proven effective with over 10,000 western case studies and provides for our clients an alternative or complementary source of healing.

The term TDP Lamp is an abbreviation for Teding Diancibo Pu which translates to “special electromagnetic spectrum” lamp. TDP lamps are similar to yet different from far infrared lamps. TDP lamps create mineral infrared waves that treat numerous ailments. A few common ones being back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain and arthritis. After an intense study by research institutes, hospitals, and schools, the TDP Lamp was invented to mimic the healing properties of clay.

The key part of this lamp is its heat-treated black clay, which contains 33 different essential mineral elements for the human body. This ceramic plate emits a unique spectrum of electromagnetic waves in the infrared range of 2 to 25 microns, which is compatible with the BIO-spectrum waves released by the human body and allowing for maximum absorption.

The absorbed energy promotes microcirculation, metabolism and strengthens immune system as well as tranquilized pain on the body.

Pain Treatments in Massage Therapy performed with Heat, Herbal and Tissue Treatments (E-Stim, Electromagnetic Heat Lamp and Herbs) lasts 60 minutes.