Fall, A Kaleidoscope Season for The Body, Mind and Spirit

Fall kaleidoscope SeasonWhen Fall arrives-the kaleidoscope season for the body, mind and spirit-wouldn’t a relaxing massage provide your “kneaded” break after a hot, humid summer and the ‘hurry up and take a vacation with the kids before school starts’ scenario? 

Are you thinking about the upcoming holidays and the hustle and bustle-the cleaning, the cooking, and the major gift and grocery shopping seasons? If your answers are YES and YES, there are many  therapeutic solutions awaiting you.

With the refreshing and colorful Fall season here, it’s time to call us or visit us On Line to reserve the appointment that you know is kneaded now and also to order and print your Gift Cards for the busy gift-giving season.

Our services are comprehensive. There is something for everyone. You will find a kaleidoscope of relaxation & therapeutic “self-time” services available just for you, or printable Gift Cards for your friends and family to enjoy the spa service of their choice. Massages, Facials, and Escape Spa Packages will take you and your loved ones on a journey to a relaxed, but energized and rejuvenated state of body and mind.

What better time than the beautiful Fall season for you or that special someone to enjoy positive down-time?

Fall Massages

Any of our massage selections will melt away your summer knots and your stress. Enter Fall, the kaleidoscope season for the body, mind and spirit in peace and comfort.