Florida’s Hands On Continuing Education Protocol For LMTs Is A Good Thing

We have always enjoyed Florida’s Hands On Continuing Education Protocol For Licensed Massage Therapists as a Good Thing.

Imagine one or more sets of professional massage therapists’ hands massaging your body at one time in the same session-a six hour session? Ahhhhh……Florida’s Continuing Education Protocol is a good thing! Lots of fun and an adventure into a world of learning and continuously perfecting our trade.

Every two years we are required to fulfill 24 credit hours of education in order to satisfy our Florida Massage Therapy License renewal (LMT). Twelve of the hours must be obtained in a live classroom setting which equates to a lot of fun and camaraderie with other therapists who practice in Florida. It’s always a special care-giving meeting with a group of anti-stress bodywork practitioners who enjoy learning, not just from the instructor, but also from each other. And the after-hours camaraderie is a great time to meet therapists of varying ages, walks of life, educational backgrounds, career paths, and experiences.

Orlando Sessions

In January my spouse, Michael, and I chose Orlando, the home of Mickey and his Magic Kingdom, as the “learning site” for our bi-annual sessions. We enjoyed two days of instruction, followed by a day with Mickey. Part of our adventure was traveling in-and living in-our 20′ motor home.

Thank you, KOA Kissimmee! The hot tub was awesome, by the way. But the one thing we had not considered was how much SPACE a massage table can occupy in a 20′ x 8′ temporary home. It’s all about how you stack it. The good news? We, along with about 100 therapists, set up our massage table in the SPACIOUS conference room at the Caribe Royal Hotel; and left it in place for the two-day class. Thank you, Caribe Royal! We enjoyed your beautiful hotel and amenities and we look forward to another visit-minus the motor home!

Our teacher, Brendan Rogers, was laid back, very knowledgeable, and organized. As seasoned massage therapists, 15 years for me, 20 years for Michael, we were refreshed on standard techniques, learned new methods and also reviewed upper body anatomy and physiology. We had not utilized a few of the techniques in awhile, so it was a great opportunity to re-think and change it up with techniques to diversify and expand our clients’ experiences. Regularly scheduled clients (hint, hint…) who know that we have recently attended massage license renewal classes enjoy their own renewal, often asking “what did you learn?” 

Many LMT’s and their clients will benefit from the CE Massage Institute’s ‘Advanced Massage Techniques for Shoulder and Neck Pain.’ The course was well received, especially since shoulder and neck complaints are high on the list of client issues that we bodyworkers treat daily. It’s a win-win. Come see us, the ‘We Do Necks’ therapists, so we can show you what we’ve learned. After we tell you the effects on the body from living in a 20′ x 8′ space, called Motor Home.

Yep, Florida’s Hands On Continuing Education protocol for Licensed Massage Therapists is a good thing! 

Nancy Shores, LMT, Facial Specialist