Genuine Customer Service Is Heart Borne

Amelia Massage AssociatesHave you heard the expression: “If your heart’s not in it, why bother?” Wise words. I ponder the reality that all too often we see and feel complacency within the various businesses that we encounter throughout our everyday lives. Why is this? And what do we as consumers expect ‘customer service’ to be? Where does it begin and where does it end?

I took my sweet 10 year old Lab to the Vet today and while I waited for my turn to discuss the minor surgery about to take place, I scanned the waiting room. It was fun to watch the other pets and their various states of “OK, I’m ready to go home NOW” when presented to their owners. I noticed various informational posters, health update notifications, retail products, and photos of pets needing forever homes within the waiting area, but then something very special caught my eye. It was a plaque on the wall inscribed Best Of The Best 2016. Above it was another plaque, Best Of The Best 2015. As I watched and listened it was easy to smile at the friendly, caring support staff and the doctors who were patiently giving the “parents” at-home care instructions for their 4-legged patients about to be discharged. Here it was, right in front of me: genuine customer service. I thought ‘wow, these folks really want to be here and they love what they do.’ They exuded knowledge, trustworthiness, support of the pets and their owners, and a unified display of love and compassion for all. But somehow I didn’t feel like a customer being served; I felt like I was a part of their unity and purpose, their heart. The Best Of The Best plaques indirectly, but clearly, defined customer service for me. Genuine customer service is building upon a foundation of knowledge and simply loving what you do and those you serve.

When we, Amelia Massage Associates, also achieved the same recognition for 2016 (and 2015), I felt a kindred spirit evolving. ‘They love what they do. They really want to be here.’ 

When it comes from the heart, the result is genuine customer service.

Genuine customer service is more than saying “at my pleasure.” It’s more than saying “no problem.” It’s putting others’ needs and requirements, perceived or actual, above all else while remaining vigilant in our purpose to hold each other accountable and provide the best possible experience for our quests. We must always show our love of the work-and our love for those we serve. It’s a high calling: we are entrusted to do no harm; we are entrusted to reflect a professional code of ethics; we are entrusted to learn and grow as individual therapists and as a team. We are not perfect. No business is perfect. But it is the heart that makes all the difference. Genuine customer service is heart borne. It begins and ends with the heart.

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