Honoring Couples In September

Couples Massages at Amelia Massage AssociatesHonoring Couples in September is the result of our very popular Couples Massages, which created the expansion of our Massage Salon with the addition of a second massage room dedicated to Couples Massage.

If you’ve never had a couple’s massage, you’re missing out on one of the most relaxing and intimate spa services available.

We invite you to celebrate this addition with us and receive $10 off our menu price for every 50 minute Couples Massage scheduled for the month of September.

Couples massages are of course great for dates, anniversaries or birthday celebrations, but really you don’t need a special occasion.
Yes, couples massages make great romantic gifts for women and men. But plenty of platonic pairs come through our couples rooms — siblings, friends, mothers and daughters, bride and maid of honor – the most important thing is just choosing someone you can really relax and enjoy the experience with.

Do partners have to get the same treatment?

Nope! As with a solo session, couples massages should still include personalized consultations with the massage therapists.

Usually people have individual wants and needs for their own bodies. Someone might have shoulder tension; someone else might have just had knee surgery and wants attention on their legs.

And it’s not just about focus areas, either. Couples should feel free to ask for different modalities. If one person just wants to relax, Swedish is probably enough for them. If the other person wants a more therapeutic treatment, ‘then by all means, get the deep tissue, get the sports massage. Don’t limit yourself.’

How about add-ons?

If you had an especially stressful time at work lately; then ask about aromatherapy, as scented essential oils can help calm the mind better than massage alone. Is it a particularly cold day? Add hot lava stones! There are many add-ons available to suit your needs.

Please mention ‘September Couplesʼ when you call or book On Line.

Our highly trained certified and licensed massage therapists are dedicated to helping our clients improve their health and peace of mind. We look forward to honoring you, together, in one coupling environment that fosters rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for your body, mind and spirit.

Welcome to our Second Couple Massage Room: