Paying Attention To Client Kneads

Too Much Pressure comedy from Amelia Massage AssociatesMy spouse and I, as new licensed massage therapists and business owners back in 1995, knew from the beginning that we wanted to exceed customer expectations. There would be no cliche’ here. Our passion easily lead us to talk the talk AND walk the walk. We felt that to “say less and give more” would separate us from other therapeutic massage providers and we knew we did not want to build our business on a foundation layered with a mindset of “get ’em in, get ’em out.”

We are lucky in that we love what we do and excelled early in our careers, learning and applying techniques that brought personal growth to us and positive results for our clientele.

‘Paying attention to client kneads’ was my first thought for the title of this article because, sadly, we hear too many concerns from clients that their needs have not been acknowledged when receiving massage therapy at other establishments, not only in Florida but all over the country.

Clients’ complaints include services provided by privately owned massage practices as well as large corporate-owned businesses. I know that most credible licensed schools of massage therapy teach the importance of providing an information intake form for clients-and the importance of reading and paying attention to client needs, as provided on the Client Intake/Information Form.

So I wonder….why some of us, as professional licensed massage therapists, are not more attuned to this fundamental step in providing clientele the best possible outcomes. As I have mentioned in a previous article, ‘It is not my massage, but the client’s massage.’  It is imperative that we be able to adapt and follow through appropriately to meet client needs and hopefully exceed expectations. We want the client to remember us for the right reason!

Above all, the information submitted by the client is intended as a guide for us to administer a safe, considerate, respectful, compassionate and results-oriented experience, so why not Pay Attention To Clients’ Kneads?

Nancy Shores, MT, LMT, Facial Specialist