The Healing Power of Music and Massage

piano copyWhen it comes to the healing power of music and massage, George Skaroulis, an award-winning pianist and composer known for his ethereal and soothing piano style, said it best: “I have always claimed if I were not a musician, I would be a massage therapist.”

Conversely, I have always felt and expressed to many that if I were not a massage therapist, I would be a musician. And since both music and massage are known to promote healing, it is not surprising to me that my caregiving nature absorbs and reflects the best of both worlds in my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Massage Today, a news source for the massage therapy profession, correctly stated in the September 2013 edition that for many of us, music is a vital part of our daily life’s soundtrack. It can serve to motivate or relax, and becomes essential for the purpose of massage therapy to set the stage for a peaceful massage experience.

I can’t imagine a world without music nor can I imagine a world without massage! When these two powerful healing mechanisms come together, the ultimate peaceful and transcending massage experience-for both the giver and the receiver-can evolve.

But it requires more than just a CD playing in the background, accompanied by a good therapist. It is important to consider that no two massage practitioners are alike and no two musical arrangements are alike.

Why Attuning makes the difference?

Attuning evolves into a harmonious or responsive relationship. An “in tune” or specific focus, originating from the core of the therapist and directed toward the client, is the deciding factor. The therapist must detach from all external thoughts and become one healing entity with the client. This sometimes involves the use of aromas specifically chosen for the client as well as specifically chosen music to induce relaxation and a private escape to their healing zone. The therapist has to FEEL the music to provide uninterrupted free-style (intuitive), rhythmic movements, ebbing and flowing like the tide.

Clients often share with me that they KNOW when I have entered the ZONE with them. Believe me, if the therapist is not attuned, the client feels that too!

Through an appreciation of music and a desire for a less stressed world, we, as therapeutic massage healthcare practitioners, can provide not just a massage, but a massage replete with the healing dynamics of techniques not discussed in massage textbooks: Pianissimo, Mezzo-Piano, Crescendo and Forte. Sorry, but heavy metal will probably not do the trick when it comes to the healing power of music and massage.

Nancy Shores, MT, LMT, Esthetician , ML (Music Lover)